Tips for Selecting a good Dermatologist in Wimbledon for Botox treatment

Dermal_Filler_Down1The importance of selecting the best doctor for Botox in Raynes Park simply can’t be undermined. Botox procedure is most popular all across the globe. However; choosing the right Botox doctor becomes extremely essential. Although it is simply the work of a syringe however the procedure is not as easy as it sounds and should only be done by an experienced, licensed and skilled Botox doctor.

Dr Don is an authentic, honest, reliable, highly sought, experienced, knowledgeable trainer and lecturer and Dermatologist in Wimbledon. He focuses exclusively on the overall person. This is with friends, family, clients and patients and is very good at listening and demonstrating genuine interest and compassion.

His practice focusses on wellbeing and he is based in Wimbledon and Fulham. He does injectables like Botox and Dermal Fillers but that’s just one element that he believes is important for wellbeing. Having worked as an NHS doctor for 10 years he has realized that most individuals find it difficult to integrate any efficient wellbeing solutions into their daily lives. In his aesthetic practice so often consultations veer towards discussing his client’s physical and mental wellbeing. Even though they are there to look better there is still so much else that they do not get from conventional medical models which are very disease based.

For instance when a client comes for Botox in Wimbledon Clinic or Dermal Fillers in Fulham he may also want to talk to the doctor about her marriage, about her cancer scare, about her anxiety, her lack of direction in life, her weight gain, her acne, the menopause etc So Dr. Don finds that treating the physical appearance is only half the job.

The most sought after dermatologist in Wimbledon thus look at helping you from a ‘state normality to a place of feeling good about yourself’, using subtle non-surgical cosmetic medicine and a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Tips for Selecting a good Dermatologist in Wimbledon for Botox treatment

Tip 1: Select only a certified doctor. Also; the Botox doctor should have medical indemnity, proper insurance, if in case anything goes wrong with the procedure.

Tip 2: Go for the Dermatologist in Wimbledon that specialize in Botox treatment and Fillers in Wimbledon under one roof. Avoid getting Botox treatment from beauty salons and spas.

Remember; Botox injections are those that come with serious side effects if not conducted by expert hands in excellent conditions. Hence, finding a qualified and skilled doctor for Botox Wimbledon is essential.

Dr. Don’s patients describe him as extremely polite, motivating and enjoys other people’s success and evolution. Dr Don will create the most natural, fresh and relaxed possible version of yourself.

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