What you should know about Dermatologist in Wimbledon

17120302-thumb-largeIn case of premature wrinkling, Dermatologist in Wimbledon often uses injections such as Botox and fillers. The main goal is to fill out the area of the skin, thereby erasing the wrinkle. Wrinkles prematurely can occur due to a number of reasons and it usually takes a couple of treatment sessions for certain dermal fillers in Fulham to provide optimal results.

According to the cosmetic Dermatologists, men are also increasingly turning to them as a way to maintain their youth and vigor with no social stigmas. At the Skin clinic in Wimbledon however it is not all about looking beautiful, or looking young but also focusses on wellbeing of the patient.

Of course; they do injectables like Botox and Dermal Fillers however that’s just one element that they believe is important for wellbeing. Here are a few pointers to mull over when looking for Botox Fulham or Fillers Wimbledon.

You should keep it real: This is important indeed and toy should make a realistic timeline? Choose a cosmetic consultant who will talk to you about the changes that you can expect and also ensure that you completely understand what botox and fillers can and cannot do for you.

Keep it subtle: Remember; by changing tour appearance through body contouring you are in fact taking a step towards healthy body image. You are after all kick starting a powerful motivational force to treat your body well.

Select experienced doctor: Select only a certified doctor. Also; the Botox doctor should have medical indemnity, proper insurance.

Dr Don Othoro is an international Cosmetic Doctor and General Practitioner. At the Skin clinic Wimbledon he has a thriving practice. He has 15 years experience working as a Doctor and eight years in cosmetic medicine. He is currently a Clinical Tutor in Cosmetic Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine and Royal College of General Practitioners.

For more details please visit at http://www.valentisclinic.co.uk/


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