Consult with Experienced and seasoned Dermatologist in Wimbledon

facialThe most sought after and leading Dermatologist in Wimbledon Dr. Don Othoro discusses that the onset of a New Year is still the optimum moment to kick-start the changes we’d like to make in how we look and feel.

More and more people are looking for skin care procedure such as Botox and dermal fillers in Fulham. In fact most of us usher in the New Year with a whole host of resolutions because the dawn of a New Year carries the promise of a blank canvas where we can redraw ourselves and experience new opportunities.

As things stand now; making some positive changes to appearance is incredibly empowering. This is possibly one big reason why men and women are looking for state of the art procedure such as botox and fillers to wipe off the telltale signs of years from their face. Experienced and seasoned Dermatologist in Wimbledon thus can very quickly impact our overall sense of well-being.

About Dr Don Othoro – the leading Dermatologist Wimbledon

Dr Don Othoro is an international Cosmetic Doctor and General Practitioner with a thriving practice in Farringdon as well as clinics in Wimbledon and Fulham. He has 15 years experience working as a Doctor and eight years in cosmetic medicine.

The leading cosmetic dermatologist of Skin clinic Wimbledon Dr. Don. Othoro here talks about the important points for introducing the best version of yourself to the world.

Keep it real: First things first; consider what you’d most like to change about your appearance and plan ahead. The most important part is to select a cosmetic consultant who will personally talk you through the changes you would like to make.

Consider it a Reward: Yes; you deserve it and believe in this. It is all about bringing back the youthful exuberance. As a matter of fact; enhancing your natural features with Dermal Fillers Fulham or Botox Raynes Park will leave you feeling rejuvenated and can have a very positive impact on many other areas of your life.

Keep Motivated: This is the most important point. You can in fact break your overall goal down into monthly or weekly session goals. You can also keep a journal of your progress and how its making you feel.

Let’s not deny; looking, feeling and being the best that you can is an investment however it can deliver exponential returns.

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