The Vision of Dr. Don – the leading Dermatologist in Wimbledon

00402897Plastic surgery gas become common these days as more and more people now seek the feel-good factor of a little nip and tuck. Almost as an obvious result plastic surgery has gained its significance as one of the fastest-growing areas of medicine. According to the Dermatologist in Wimbledon – “the overall mentality is shifting as people are willing to pay ourselves first.”

As a matter of fact popular methods such as Botox Fulham or Fillers Wimbledon have hit hard the society. Curiously the patients are not simply the wealthiest ones, but people who want to look better and feel better.”

Don Othoro – the famous cosmetic dermatologist is a Kenyan doctor based in London who runs Valentis – the Skin clinic in Wimbledon. His practice combines cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

He believes that there is a huge distinction between attractiveness and beauty: attractiveness is measured by those around you, whereas beauty is determined by how you feel about yourself. We all want to feel beautiful and these procedures such as Dermal Fillers Wimbledon or Botox therefore are not about chasing age.

Dr. Don’s Vision

“I do not ‘fix’ age, there is nothing to fix.” Dr Don’s skills lie not only in helping you to look good, but also to feel good about yourself and your appearance.

Dr. Othoro is not only a highly experienced and skilled Aesthetic Doctor, but also an expert lecturer and tutor at the Royal Society of Medicine where he teaches Doctors and surgeons on the safe and effective administration of Botox and Fillers in Wimbledon.

Dr. Othoro passionately believes in approaching health and beauty in a holistic way.

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