Famous Dermatologist in Wimbledon offers a variety of cosmetic procedures

Dermatologist-Beauty-Tricks11194Emily, a 50-year old business woman had hated her laugh lines for a long time. In her mind, the lines were attracting lot of attention, overshadowing her other “better” features. When she turned 45 she decided to have Botox in Coombe, after a lot of research. She is happy with the results.

Valentis Clinic – the Skin clinic in Wimbledon has gained remarkable attention for Botox and fillers treatments.

Here Dr. Don Othoro – the famous Dermatologist Wimbledon offers a variety of procedures ranging from non-invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox and fillers to other cosmetic treatments.

Dr Don uses the practices of Aesthetic Medicine to help create a rejuvenated, more youthful yet natural look.

Treatments include injectables such as Botox Raynes Park for fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers for more static and pronounced lines, chemical peels, cheek augmentation and lip enhancement. Cosmeceuticals also to help in creating a fresh, rejuvenated, more youthful yet natural appearance.

Dr Don provides a general practice consultation with an emphasis on wellbeing. As one of the leading name in treatments such as Botox Fillers in Fulham, he believes that there is a huge distinction between attractiveness and beauty. While attractiveness is measured by those around you, beauty on the other hand is determined by how you feel about yourself.

To quote De. Don Othoro – “We all want to feel beautiful and these procedures are not about chasing age. A 60-year-old patient came in for cheek fillers and I told her that we will make her a fantastic looking 60-year-old, not a 45-year-old. I do not ‘fix’ age, there is nothing to fix”

When choosing the Dermatologist in Wimbledon, patients need to check out their doctors’ credentials and accreditations very carefully.

Also; patients need to be psychologically prepared for the changes they are making to their appearance.

Take care!


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