Speak with the best Dermatologist in Wimbledon

dermal_fillersWithout much ado about anything let us drive to the point straight – Botox and fillers in Fulham has gained momentum as cosmetic beauty treatments.

Dr. Don Othoro – the leading dermatologist in Wimbledonuses the practices of Aesthetic Medicine in order to help create a rejuvenated, more youthful yet natural look.

His treatments thus include Botox Wimbledon injectable for fine lines and wrinkles and Dermal Fillers Wimbledon for more static and pronounced lines.

At his state of the art Skin clinic in Wimbledon, Dr. Don provides general practice consultation with sheer emphasis on holistic wellbeing.

Not just women, men are also going in for similar procedures. Micro Dermal Fillers Fulham that typically fill out deeply etched lines of expression on brows and also smoothens the laugh lines around the mouth are now a hot favorite amongst men.

While the industry in cosmetic treatment Kenya is growing however in some places it is still very much in its infancy. Dr. Don Othoro therefore has been playing his part in creating young plastic surgeons. Dr. Othoro is not only a highly experienced and skilled Aesthetic Doctor, but also an expert lecturer and tutor at the Royal Society of Medicine where he teaches Doctors and surgeons on the safe and effective administration of Botox ans Dermal Fillers. He has now trained over 500 Doctors and is viewed as an expert within this field.

When looking for Botox or dermal fillers Wimbledon as a responsible patient you need to check out the doctors’ credentials and accreditations very carefully.

It is also important to mention here, due to its high melanin content, black skin heals and scars differently, so the doctor in charge of care should have experience with black skin.

Also; patients need to be psychologically prepared for the changes which they are making to their appearance by saying yes to Botox in Coombe.

Yes; it is all about making an informed decision and trusting the able hands of the best Dermatologist in Wimbledon.


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