Why do the men like Botox in Wimbledon?

ThinkstockPhotos-455773523-374x250Botox in Wimbledon amongst men has gained popularity in recent years. It should come as no surprise that Botox is the hot new trend for men.

Still the pertinent question remains – why are so many men getting botox shots? According to the Dermatologist in Wimbledon – a lot of it has to do with the changing attitude towards cosmetic procedures for men.

As a matter of fact; Botox and Dermal Fillers Fulham was once the exclusive domain of women, however men are becoming more image-conscious, and are turning up for Botox appointments in large numbers.

Botox is a muscle relaxer, because it works to relax the muscles used for expressions such as frowning. A very small dose of botox is injected into the muscles being treated and it then gets to work by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. Since the muscles don’t receive any instructions to contract they remain relaxed. Yes; it causes lines to disappear over time and also prevents, and preventing the formation of new ones.

Why men like botox in Wimbledon?

Typically for the older men, botox provides the much needed ego boost they need. Men like botox because it’s:

looks natural
Requires no anesthesia, incisions, or downtime

Yes; at the Skin clinic in Wimbledon, it can be done in 15 minutes. This means men don’t have to take time off from work and can get the injections done in the lunch break.

In fact men also likes the subtle changes which they get from the injectable. In fact Botox Wimbledon makes them look better without being obvious or ‘overdone.’

Botox procedure is most popular all across the globe. However; choosing the right Botox doctor becomes extremely essential. Although it is simply the work of a syringe however the procedure is not as easy as it sounds and should only be done by an experienced, licensed and skilled Botox doctor.

Dr Don is an authentic, honest, reliable, highly sought, experienced, knowledgeable trainer and lecturer and Dermatologist in Wimbledon. He focuses exclusively on the overall person. This is with friends, family, clients and patients and is very good at listening and demonstrating genuine interest and compassion.


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